Recruitment and flex staff

Your HR departments wans to recruit new employees or a specific department or project needs temporary staff for 3 months or longer.

We have an extended network with qualified people who can work in several functions such as IT, logistics, Finance and administration.

From the moment you give us an order for recruitment or search we have within 2 weeks the qualified employees selected for you.



IT Projects

For your projects you want to have the best people who can help you with your milesstones.

We have experienced projectleaders, scrum masters and product owners who can deliver. We cut out the unnecessary overhead and are focused on what is needed for your business. We help your management to focus on their role as programme owner.




Our consultants deliver your your new or updated processes within a couple of days.

Normally we need 2 workshops with your staff responsible for the processes to deliver a BPMN model of your process. So you do not need to hire a process designer for months, but can ask a quote per process or bundle of processes you would like to do.

The output is delivered in Enterpirse Architect or other required formats.