We have 40 years experience in IT and

20 years experience in recruitment.


It has been proven that large IT projects are driven by technology instead of the needed business objectives. Resulting in a negative cost/benefit result, sometimes exposing this after a few months from the start. We are here to help you to use IT as a real benefit and be critical on the business value : if there will be no success we will give an advice to adjust your projects and planning or even stop them. As simple as that : we are not here just to make money but help YOU to make money. Agile or not agile, we can make it happen in both ways.


You need temporary staff in IT, HR, Finance, Office management or Logistics ? We help you in the search for the perfect candidate. We can work als search partner or intermediair.


Recruitment and staffing

We help you to recruit for permanent or temporary staff


We deliver project and program management including Scrum roles such as product owner, scrum master, business architect and consultant and AVG/GDPR implementations.

Also we have experience with offshore and nearshore development.

Process modelling BPM

Before a project starts (or as a quality improvement process) we help you in small cycles to set up the process modelling for the new (or current) processes. New processes can be implemented by the solution of our partner of BPM


We have managed over 20 projects from small to large sized.

The industries that we have worked for :

- manufacturing

- ecommerce

- retail

- government

- hospitals

- logistics

  • Railway transport logistics
  • Railway passenger company and international ticketing
  • Third party logistics
  • Electronics manufacturing and retailer
  • Flower bulbs and gardening
  • Holiday tour operator
  • Dutch governements and authorities
  • Seaports
  • Automotive
  • Hospital for eyecare